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Carbon Plate

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Unparalleled Quality Forged with Precision and Delicacy

As a leading manufacturer dedicated to producing high-quality carbon fiber, fiberglass, and other composite material poles, we deeply understand the importance of poles in sports activities and your strict requirements for quality and performance.

Throughout our manufacturing process, we implement a series of rigorous quality control measures to ensure our products meet the highest standards. In addition to basic tests for weight and hardness, we also focus on color and color fastness checks. We maintain a zero-tolerance approach to guarantee the quality of each product.

As pioneers in the field of composite material poles, we constantly explore innovation and utilize high-spec carbon fiber materials sourced from Japan and Taiwan, meticulously synthesized in our automated factories. Compared to other materials, carbon fiber poles offer lighter and stronger characteristics while providing advantages of corrosion resistance and thermal expansion and contraction resistance.

Over the years, we have conducted extensive research and development, mastering multiple carbon fiber technologies. Through special circular multilayer arrangements, we have successfully enhanced the products' tensile strength without adding weight. Our products have surpassed the traditional 50kg tensile strength limitation, delivering outstanding performance to you.

Beyond the poles themselves, we also provide customized accessory services, including snow baskets, pole tips, grips, wrist straps, feet tips, paddle heads, ball heads, and more. We collaborate with long-term mold factories to ensure cost-effective accessory products for you. During the R&D process, we conduct on field tests in coordination with customers to ensure the quality and performance of accessories, providing you with an exceptional product experience.

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Question: Are you a factory or a trading company?

Answer: We are the original manufacturer (factory). Currently, we have two companies. One is specifically dedicated to production, named Jiangxi Aosen Sports Equipment Co., Ltd. The other is Nasda(Xiamen) International Co., Ltd., which is a subsidiary of Jiangxi Aosen Sports Equipment and primarily handles import and export trade for the factory.

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How to maintain the product ?

Regular and appropriate maintenance can significantly extend the lifespan of our products

Different products require different maintenance methods, and we have compiled the specific maintenance guidelines for each product. Please click on "More" to view the details. If you cannot find the maintenance information for the product you are looking for, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you and hearing your thoughts.